Courses are one of the best ways to obtain new knowledge about investing and more. But the theory alone, without proper practice and efficient reinforcement can be quickly forgotten. That’s why it’s worth to think about something that will offer additional aid and supplement the chosen course.

Trainings and advice

Courses are a great source of concentrated knowledge, available in many types and forms. The two main types that you can come across are stationary and online courses. They both have their own pros and cons.

Stationery trainings rely heavily on having a lecturer that will be determining both the path and mode of learning, as well as monitoring the progress of students. Their main upside is that during the lectures you can solve any problems you encounter on the spot by asking questions to the lecturer. Thanks to that you can get most of the answers simply laid out before you. In addition, learning in a group gives you the opportunity to compare your level of understanding with the others. It’s an important part of the learning process, as it helps us to pinpoint the areas in which we are lacking. It also enables us to meet other people with similar interests.

Their most prominent downside, however, is the usually high price. The need for renting a place and paying the instructor elevates the price of the course itself, and transport, food, and buying the necessary materials elevated the sum of money that the training consumes. That, coupled with inflexible schedule and limited availability of some course topics makes it difficult for many people to attend them.

The second type are online courses. Although usually do not provide a tutor or the company of course-colleagues, their price is much lower due to the relative simplicity of organizing them. There are also much more of them and they cover many more topics for the same reason. Their flexible schedule, however, enables to complete them on our own terms and in our own tempo, with the added benefit of being able to repeat chosen topics or segments on demand. That makes them a much more favourable option for those, who can not or do not want to attend stationery courses for any reason.

 Theory and practice

Gaining theoretical knowledge is very important, but theory without practice is pretty useless. Which is why it’s important to regularly supplement your knowledge with experience.

When it comes to investing courses, attending both stationery trainings as well as online courses would be the perfect combination, but it’s not always possible. However, there are other ways, like independanly watching the changes on the market or intently studying the market analyses. Unfortunately, they are very time-consuming and mentally taxing. Another way is to invest on your own, but without adequate knowledge and supervision it might cause not only shaping incorrect habits, but also losing all the hard earned money.


Platinium Pro – a solution for the beginners?

A conversation is sometimes just the thing to motivate someone to change their life significantly, while also being a great way to convey information. Sharing knowledge, insight, and experiences is a perfect reason to incorporate important changes into your lifestyle. That is the idea behind Platinium Pro.

Platinium Pro is a platform specializing in talks with investment experts. The format of these quasi-consultations is very simple. An interested client is contacted by a Platinium Pro representative. The first part of the talk serves to get to know the client; the specialist tries to gauge their knowledge levels to adjust the topic of the conversation accordingly. Next, there are quasi-trainings, which serve to share the knowledge. The specialist talks about the most important rules of investing, shares their insight, points out solutions used by other experienced investors, and suggests assets that are worth keeping an eye on. After the conversation is finished, the client – with a fresh dose of information – can further expand their knowledge by buying access to the Platinium Pro Training Platform.

The Platinium Pro platform is a place, where the client can download all kinds of educational and training materials, as well as sign up for webinars and courses. It’s possible after purchasing the access and receiving the logins. However, it all depends entirely on the client and whether or not they want to continue their education.


Consulting the specialists

While talking about conversations, it’s worth noting that the Platinium Pro consultants are not only well educated, but also continuously retrained, and supplied with the supporting materials, developed carefully by a team consisting of  specialists in the fields of psychology, teaching, and economy. Thanks to this, the Platinium Pro investment consultations are a holistic service that not only helps to find the best course, but also to use it efficiently in sync with our needs and learning pace. Moreover, they do not only help during the course of gaining the knowledge, but also with applying it in practice. The advisors assist us in choosing the right investment, inform about the best moment and place to conduct it, and offer brokering in doing so and possible storing of assets. It allows for supplementing the theoretical knowledge in a safe and controlled way, and supporting not only during, but also after finishing the course.


The training platform

Another product offered by the company is the Platinium Pro training platform. With its help you can download the educational materials, sign up for webinars, and follow the news from the world of finance with market analyses. It helps in using the packet easily and intuitively. In addition, the option to set up and cancel consultations makes it harder to miss them, as the user can adapt them to their own needs and make sure that they are fully prepared for them.

As you can see on the above example, the consultations can not only supplement the courses, but also serve as their integral part. The consultations should be an important element of the trainings, as they not only help to find and personalize the right course, but also to use them more efficiently and better integrate the theory with practice. They also offer more support than the courses alone, as they provide the client with an opportunity to make the first investments and gain experience with the support of a professional advisor. In conclusion, it’s worth to invest in those courses, that include extensive consultations, like the ones offered by Platinium Pro.