My dear ladies, when your skin is exposed to harmful external factors in the winter, it requires special attention. What you need then are not only adequate cosmetic products but also changes to your habits. And if the winter season caused you not to have any energy or time for such things, then it’s high time to take advantage of one of the luxurious and inexpensive treatments from The Best Vouchers platform!

Winter season and your skin

I’m sure that some of you will find it surprising that in the winter you need to look after yourself more than in the summer. But why? – you may ask. After all, in the winter months, we cover ourselves up completely ? This kind of thinking is a serious mistake which is detrimental to our skin!

In the winter, our skin is exposed to considerable temperature fluctuations. Outside the air is cold, while inside our homes, we have the heating turned up to the maximum. Moreover, there is also the issue of dry air and the lack of vitamin D. Consequently, your skin loses water and becomes grey and rough. The skin becomes prone to irritation, it cracks and sometimes even burns.

All this as a result of inadequate care! 


Mandatory skincare

In the winter months, hydrating your skin is a must! This is when you need to keep providing it with endless hydration! And we’re talking about your complexion, your entire body, with special emphasis on your hands and feet. What should be taken care of in particular?

  • Face

If your facial skin is dry in the winter, you need to apply a cream with a rich texture before you leave the house. On the other hand, a lighter cream is needed for oily or combination skin, preferably in the form of a gel. However, regardless of your skin type, it is important to remember that the cream’s filter should be no lower than SPF 15! Although winter days are shorter and there is less sunshine, the light reflected in the white snow can damage our skin and make it grow old faster.

And let’s not forget about our lips. In the winter, the thin skin on our lips should be lubricated every hour with a lip balm or lipstick and … most importantly … you should not lick your lips!

  • Body

Although we cover up our body, it still requires proper care. Experts recommend using a cleansing milk instead of a gel, as it tends to dry out the skin, and using bath oils or oils which are applied directly on the skin. We should also not forget about gentle scrubs and creamy lotions, which should preferably contain beeswax, coconut oil or shea butter. Things to avoid include long baths full of bubbles, as foaming bath gels might be more harmful than helpful.

  • Hands and feet

Our limbs also require a bit of love. Swap your thin ankle socks for longer and thicker socks, which should be made from natural materials. Your hands, in turn, should be protected with delicate, yet warm gloves. In both cases, you should not forget about using creams with beeswax or glycerine.

Interesting treatments from The Best Vouchers portal

Because I decided to spend the winter in my home country this year, I had to look for treatments that would help me survive these cold months. And since it’s cold and windy outside, I started looking via the Internet.

This is how I ended up in The Best Vouchers shop, a website where we can find many interesting services, together with an extensive cosmetics and skincare section. Below I will present some of the offers I have taken advantage of and also some which I’m planning to use in the near future.

1) Candle massage 

This treatment was of most interest to me because of its originality and its intriguing description. The massage took place in a professional massage parlour near to where I live.

Straight after walking through the door, I could feel a soothing atmosphere which probably results from carefully selected fragrances, the interior design, the lighting and the exceptionally friendly Barbara who welcomed the clients. I didn’t have to wait long for my treatment, because it turned out that everything was ready. I simply had to walk into a room containing a massage table. There I was met by Marta. Without any hesitation, I wrapped myself in a towel only, lay down on the table, began to enjoy the stunning aroma of fragrant candles and let Marta do her job.   

The massage lasted an hour, although it seemed like a fleeting moment. During the treatment, this very pleasant lady told me about the candle’s ingredients (hmm …. if I remember correctly, there was beeswax, soybean and essential oils), and she also explained how it worked (this is interesting … under the influence of heat, the wax melts and transforms into a luxurious and warming oil). The warmth of the oil created from the melting candle, the subtle fragrance and the massage itself were so pleasant that I almost fell asleep.

Marta took care of my back and chest so well that I left the massage parlour feeling 10 years younger. The moisturising effect on my skin was incredible. This softness of the skin was still felt for another three weeks and I felt fully relaxed, bursting with energy and much calmer.

2) Facial cleansing and care

December and January were very busy months for me, so I didn’t have time to take care of my skin as much as I would have wanted. That is why, after the relaxing massage I previously enjoyed I decided to also pamper my facial skin.

During the treatment, it turned out that the voucher I got from The Best Vouchers included not only makeup removal and facial peeling, but also toning, an ampoule, facial massage and several other treatments. I was particularly interested in microdermabrasion, which cleanses the skin by dermabrading the external layers of the epidermis. And how does it work? I won’t reveal this to you, but I really recommend this treatment. The treatment left my face free of blackheads, wrinkles and discolourations, which made my complexion resemble that of a teenager.

  • Flawless hands and feet

As I mentioned earlier, winter is hard on our feet and hands, and mine are unfortunately no exception. That is why I decided to try another package of treatments to try to remedy this situation. This time, it was a package containing manicure and pedicure with comprehensive preparation for the above treatments.

Also this time, the service was provided very fast, so I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as I entered the room, I was seated in a chair and the beautician started preparing the treatment.

The procedure started with a peeling treatment, an exceptionally pleasant hand massage and the removal of cuticles. Then the time came for manicure and pedicure. As a result, the skin on my hands and feet looked younger and more hydrated, and my nails were painted in a stunning colour, which the manicurist recommended to me, it’s a real thing of beauty.

  • Chocolate massage 

I’m making plans to try out this massage, and I simply cannot wait. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait a while yet, as I won’t have a day off for quite some time. Well… you see, I’m not the only one who wants to try this exceptional experience.

However, while waiting for the treatment, I read a little about the cosmetic properties of chocolate and I’m completely stunned. I would have never said that the smell of chocolate and the caffeine it contains contribute to weight loss. Quite the contrary. Dieticians usually warn against chocolate by treating it as something bad. In addition, cocoa makes the complexion slightly darker, and achieving a light tan without the need for a sunbed sounds very tempting, especially as the package includes a scrub in addition to the massage itself.

 My opinion on The Best Vouchers?

Decidedly so! The website is very easy to use, the treatments are interesting and not too expensive, and there were no problems with making a payment. The card with the code you have to use to activate the coupon came in an elegant leaflet with detailed instructions – it was so attractive that I wouldn’t be ashamed to give it to someone as a gift.

 The Best Vouchers platform is said to have been created quite recently and is only in its development stage, so there are not many vouchers there yet, but the team responsible for the platform has promised to add more services gradually – all that remains is to take their word for it and make a return visit from time to time!

I’m excitedly looking forward to my massage and I’m sure I’ll be a frequent visitor, because I’ve also seen some things my friends would like. And I hope that you will also take advantage of these treatments!