Dear ladies, during winter your skin is exposed to the harmful impact of weather conditions and needs special attention. It’s time to use appropriate cosmetics, but also introduce some changes to your daily routines. If winter makes you too busy and deprived of energy, one of the luxurious and affordable treatments from The Best Vouchers peron will do it for you!

 Winter for skin

Some of you will probably be surprised to hear that in winter you should take more care of yourself than during summer. But why? – you may ask. In winter basically all your body stays covered? This way of thinking is very misleading and as a result your skin is suffering!

During winter, skin is exposed to big temperature changes. Outside the air is cool, but inside the heating is turned on to the maximum. Additionally, the air is dry and vitamin D deficiency is very common. Consequently, skin loses water and becomes grey and rough. It’s easily irritated and can even break or burn.

All that is a result of inappropriate skin care!

Necessary care

During winter, skin moisturizing is essential! Your skin needs to be moisturized, moisturized and… moisturized! The skin on your face, but also the rest of your body, especially your hands and feet. What else requires particular care?

  • Face

If during winter your face skin is dry, you should apply some greasy cream before going out. In case of oily or combination skin, it is better to use a lighter cream, preferably gel. Anyway, regardless of your skin type, remember about using sunscreen, at least SPF 15! It’s true that in winter days are shorter and there’s less sunlight, but the light reflected by white snow can be harmful for your skin and contribute to quicker aging.

Let’s not forget about lips and their thin skin. During winter, apply a lip balm or lipstick every hour and… it’s very important… don’t smack your lips!

  • Body

Even if covered, your body also needs special care. Experts recommend using a body milk instead of a drying shower gel, and applying oils – either in your bath, or directly on your skin. You also shouldn’t forget about delicate body scrubs and cream body balms, preferably containing bee wax, coconut oil or shea butter. At the same time, try to avoid taking long, foamy baths. For weak skin, it can do more harm than good.

  • Hands and feet

Your limbs also require some love. Change thin “invisible” socks for thick crew length socks. Make sure they are made of natural materials. Delicate warm gloves will be a good solution for your hands. In both cases, don’t forget about using wax- or glycerine-based creams regularly.

Interesting treatments from The Best Vouchers

As this year I decided to spend winter in my home country, I had to look for treatments that would help me to survive through these cold months. With cold and windy weather outside, I started by browsing the Internet.

That’s how I stumbled upon The Best Vouchers toko. It’s a website where you can find many interesting services, including a whole section of cosmetics and body care offers. Below I’m presenting some that I have already tested, or I’m planning to in the future.

     1) Candle Massage

This treatment particularly attracted my attention, because of an original character and intriguing description. The treatment took place in a professional massage room close to where I live.

Upon entering the place, I immediately felt relaxing energy, which is probably a result of carefully selected aromas, interior design, lights, and Sarah, a very friendly receptionist welcoming clients. I didn’t have to wait too long – everything was already prepared. I entered the room, where Marie and her massage table were already waiting for me. I wrapped a towel around me, laid down on the table, absorbed the candles aroma and let Marie’s hands do the magic.

The massage took over an hour, but for me it was just a moment. During the treatment, Marie told me what the candle was made of (hmm… if I remember well, it’s bee wax, soy and essential oils) and how it worked (it’s interesting… exposed to heat, the wax melts and turns into a luxurious, warm oil). The warm oil – result of the candle melting, subtle smell and the massage were so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.

Marie took really great care of my back and chest. When I got up, I felt 10 years younger. The moisturizing effect on my skin was incredible. The feeling of softness stayed with me for the next three weeks and I felt completely relaxed, full of energy and much calmer.

     2) Face cleansing and care

December and January were very busy months for me. I didn’t have time to take proper care of my facial skin. That’s why after treating my body to a massage, I decided to give some love also to my face.

During the treatment, it turned out that the voucher from The Best Vouchers included not only make-up removal and face scrub, but also toning, ampoule, face massage and a few other treatments. What particularly attracted my attention was a skin cleansing treatment called microdermabrasion – removal of the outer layers of the epidermis. How does it work exactly? I won’t reveal the secret, but trust me, the treatment is really worth it. It made all the blackheads, wrinkles and discolorations simply disappear from my face, and my teenage skin is back!   

      3) Neat hands and feet

As I mentioned earlier, winter is a challenging time for our feet and hands, and mine are no exception, unfortunately. That’s why I decided to go for another set of treatments to deal with it. This time it was a manicure and pedicure package, including a complex preparation.

Also this time the service in the beauty salon was very quick. As soon as I entered, I was sat down on an armchair and the beautician started to prepare me for the treatment.

The treatment started with a scrub, amazing hands massage and cuticles removal. Then I had the manicure and pedicure. As a result, the skin on my hands and feet looked younger and more moisturized. My nails looked amazing with the beautiful colour recommended by the manicurist!

     4) Chocolate massage

I’m planning to get this treatment and to be honest, I can’t wait for it. Unfortunately, I still have to wait for a bit, as there were no dates available right away. Well… Apparently, I’m not the only one who wants to benefit from this incredible service.

Waiting for the treatment, I’ve been reading a bit about the cosmetic properties of chocolate and I have to say, I’m shocked. I would have never thought that the smell and caffeine in chocolate help to lose weight. Rather the opposite. Nutritionists usually warn about chocolate and treat it as something bad. And one more thing, cocoa slightly darkens your skin complexion. A light suntan without visiting a solarium? It’s tempting, the more so as in addition to the massage, the package includes a scrub.

What do I think about The Best Vouchers?

Yes, yes, yes! The website is user-friendly, the treatments are interesting and not too expensive, and I had no payment problems. The card with a code that you use to activate the voucher came with an elegant booklet containing detailed instructions. It looked so pretty that I wouldn’t mind giving it to someone as a gift.

As far as I know, The Best Vouchers peron was created recently and is currently developing. That’s why there are not so many vouchers available, but the responsible team promised they’d gradually add more and more services. We just have to take their word and check the website from time to time!

I can’t wait for my massage and I will surely check the website often, as I saw several things that could be interesting for my friends. Give it a try, my dear ladies, I’m sure you won’t regret!